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About Me


About Me

I've been quilting since 2006, but my passion for fabric has always been there.  I remember watching my mom sew garments and quilts and was just fascinated by the process.  While shopping with her, I would touch fabric and think what I could make with it.  That passion and creativity stayed with me and has grown to an obsession.

My mom taught me how to sew some basic clothing items and I remember feeling so great with what I created.  Then I made curtains, bedding, and pillows.  If I could dream it, I could make it.  Then a friend taught me about quilts.  At the time we lived in South Korea where we were stationed with the Army.  I loved everything about the quilt process and the rest was history.  



We offer longarm quilting services to include computerized edge to edge, custom quilting and machine basting.  In addition we create custom t-shirt quilts and memory quilts.

See pricing details below.


Why Dandelion?

I grew up an Army Brat.  My dad spent 20 years active duty Army and 20 years as a civilian employee serving his country.  We moved many times, but enjoyed every minute of it.  The Dandelion is the national flower of all military children (aka BRAT). 

We bloom where we are planted and thrive!


Calculating The Cost



Length of quilt times width of quilt equals square inches multiplied by price per square inch equals total cost of quilting.

75" x 85" = 6,375 sq. in x $0.0225 = $143.44

Call for custom quilt pricing.  

Please refer to pricing for additional charges.

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